Why women wear Waist Beads.

Waist Beads also known as belly chains come in all colors and layers. Coupled with amazing sex styles this ornaments can do wonders in the bedroom. However, Waist beads are not just purposed for seduction and romance, although admittedly that’s why many women wear them. Made up of glass beads, decorative stones, crystals, dried grains, plastic, precious metal and so on; they come in all colors. Some are permanent, while others have clasps with extender chains. There are also some belly chains that attach to the navel piercing mostly worn by belly dancers.

Purpose of Waist Beads

Medical Reasons

As an example, in the USA, a Patent was issued for using waist chains as a continuous monitoring device to facilitate weight loss eg the popular Belly Band. Similarly, in many African countries, women use waist beads to gauge weight gain. In addition, they also used to bring awareness to sitting postures.


Many African women wear beads as a rite of passage. As an example, mothers put beads on their daughters to shape their waists. Others wear them, based on their age and so on.Just to mention, many African American women wear beads as a connection to their African heritage among other reasons.


Some women tie their beads with charms and fragrances that are said to make them endearing.

Seduction and Waist Beads

As a sexual symbol, most women wear them to entice their lovers with claims that they make lovemaking more intimate and strengthen relationships. Consequently boosting the confidence of both partners.

In conclusion…

Paired with some nice sexy lingerie, waist beads are a sure way of keeping your man and yourself happy in your love life. Book a NairobiBabes Escort today and be sure they have their beads on for ya!

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