Conning Game in the Escort World.

Hot Escort Girl in Glasses

You saw her somewhere online. A young beautiful lady with model-like features claiming she gives pleasure and all-time happiness. So the dreams begin…and consequently your first mistake. To begin with, nothing in her profile/web page says am looking for a date/lover, etc. Surprisingly you start imagining yourself having babies together being the best of friends and pouring your heart out to her. Perhaps a previous breakup or that fight with your better half lead to it you never can tell. Another quick scan through her profile says she is a professional with a day job and a college education, wait what? The gods must have answered your prayers today. Charging 100 dollars (Ksh 10000) for spending time with her seems like some cheap fee to pay for matchmaking after all you figure it’s a win-win for you anyway. Plus loneliness has been cripplingly you lately so you call her…

Maybe your imaginations led you to think an Adele like voice will answer the phone, or you just expected it, but no. A rough uninviting crunchy drowsy like voice comes through your phone speaker; the “sema (what)” startles you up from this small trance. The gentleman/lady in you forbids you from hanging up and ask is this “Sheila”, magically the voice softens to a fake twang of “Hi Babe, yea it’s me”, followed by “where are you?” This catches you by surprise and a short quick back and forth ensures with a final directions guide.

Dutch courage…

This is where you are supposed to block that number and never call it again. However, those puppy eyes and hurting nether regions make your sweet self-call a taxi and sheepishly go to her. Surprisingly the Taxi chap seems to know the place well and keeps giving you weird looks in his visor, perhaps you aren’t the first idiot he has dropped off at this Escorts door? Soon you arrive in some dilapidated corner of the city, with a gorilla-like guard at the door, a match stick sticking out the corner of his mouth, who doesn’t seem to notice you. Climbing some lonely dingy stairs to Room 3A and knock your heart does a summersault.

Gets worse…

Calling her ugly is an understatement. You go with not my type after all your mother raised you better. So much better you start wondering what you doing there. She is the complete opposite of the photos, has no clue what services she offers, you give it to her though, her room is clean. Everything goes downhill from there; bruised ego, back-breaking massage with some baby oil, fake moaning all unentertaining and unromantic and 100 bucks less given that you fear to stifle her would cost you your hand in this neighborhood.

To summarize, clearly, the fake website conned you. A real Escort does not use fake photos, does not advertise for sex, and gives a clear indication of what you will receive from her. Always book Escorts from not only are the Escorts vetted and verified you will always receive what you want, and always get the best value for your money.

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