Lingerie Colour Secrets

Lingerie Color Secrets

For many of us, the word Lingerie alludes sexiness. A provocative piece which when paired correctly does wonders to those of us with a fetish for inner garments. Made of silk, satin, Lycra, charmeuse, chiffon or lace Fabrics they come in all shapes and colors for both genders. Did you know your lovers choice of lingerie color can tell you a whole lot about them?

Red lingerie

The color itself stimulates passion, sensuality, and ultimately, circulation. Red is fervor, its love, its an aphrodisiac, its sexuality and its what we all associate with lovemaking. This is what you want to wear when you want to get reactions, get attention and feel absolutely confident. Are you voluptuous and curvaceous and want to show off your curves, this lingerie color shade is perfect for you.

Sexy NairobiBabes Escort in Red Lingerie.
Sexy NairobiBabes Escort in Red Lingerie.

Blue Lingerie

This is the color shade of lingerie you want your masseuse to be wearing. Blue evokes tranquility, it shows calmness as well as peace. Bold blue is, however, a different ballgame it brings about ballsy thoughts about you, wear it if you mean business!

Blue Lingerie

” Wear blue when you want to put your best foot forward and show off the perfect version of you. “

Black Lingerie

Black is often associated with something sexy and seductive. As a result, it creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, which makes the color a safe choice when it comes to underwear. “

The black color can also mean that you give yourself to someone else (a sexual partner). It’s timeless and classic, looks good on any light and will go with almost anything.

“…. if you’re a little worried about coming across as anything but yourself, perhaps you should opt for the timeless and classic black pieces. “


White Lingerie

“This denotes innocence and open to any suggestions. “

Nude Lingerie

Nude is also known as tan or light brown is a color perfect for fitting in. For anyone who doesn’t want to be noticed, who prefers being natural without taking any risks. Hence it represents both honesty and structure.

Model wearing nude lingerie

Pink Lingerie

Pink is a gentler adaptation of red. Although it summons comparative emotions to a red shade it mitigates them significantly to increasingly delicate sentiments invoking feelings of honesty and immaculateness… Pale pink draws on vitality encompassing it, as a result loosens up both the wearer and the watcher and makes them increasingly agreeable.

A Pink lingerie is along these lines a splendid garment to wear on a first date, as it’s an exceptionally ladylike and delicate shading, you’re not going to seem to be excessively striking, and in control (except if that is what you’re going for) and you’ll hold some feeling of that honesty. This is in reference to delicate, pale and pastel pinks instead of hot pinks. Hot pinks totally subvert that feeling of inculpability and is an exceptionally striking consideration grabber.

A Pink lingerie is along these lines a splendid garment to wear on a first date, as it’s an exceptionally ladylike and delicate shading, you’re not going to seem to be excessively striking …

Purple Lingerie

Purple is a color that represents elegance, luxury, royalty and wealth. It is a color rarely found in nature and this reinforces its prized aspect. It has the power of femininity and romantic appeal especially in the lighter colors and the pastels

sexy, seductive and flirtatious
sexy, seductive and flirtatious

And their you have it. However, always remember sexiness is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within, so even if you’re not wearing sexy lingerie, you feel sexy. You can be sexy and feel good in your skin, no matter what size you are. Carrying yourself with poise and joy and peace within – that’s sexy.

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